1:1 coaching

1:1 coaching

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1:1 session with Meg
1h — €400

Your views on power, how it works and how you use it has never been more important than it is right now. Anything you want to do to "have an impact" or "change things" depend on it.

I’ve worked with investors, impact entrepreneur, family office members, founders and executives in 4 continents.

In this session we’ll discuss your goals, look at what power leaks and power knots are getting you stuck and define an actionable plan tailored for you. In my programs there's no clear definition between personal and professional work – but we'll focus primarily on your career, project, partners and team dynamics, or impact strategy.

My sessions are heavily result oriented and I put on the table my 10+ years of experience, my library of resources and my network.

How to reserve:

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  • Select a time on my calendar that works for you.
  • Check out directly in Calendly.

*Note* – I apply localised pricing for people living in countries with disadvantaged currencies, and a 25% discount for female founders. If this is you, please use this link instead.

About Me:

What I advise on:

1. Leadership, Power & Purpose

  • How power (really) works and how we leak or project it
  • How to reclaim you focus, clarity and time
  • How to define the unique purpose and essence of what you do
  • How to shift imbalances of power in relationships (business/personal)
  • Navigating your next fundraising round, job offer, raise, or promotion

2. Impact + scaling strategies

  • My approach to “impact strategy”
  • How to identify the key value and impact fronts of your organisation
  • How to translate your purpose into the right, effective strategy
  • How to translate your purpose into the right business model
  • How to choose your strategy to scale impact (centralised, decentralised, distributed)

3. Impact narrative design

  • How to present the value of what you do for different audiences
  • How to structure you pitch deck / presentations to send VS to present live
  • How to design a narrative that inspires VS makes people take action
  • My public speaking tips and tricks
  • My best method to create your evergreen presentation template

I look forward to meeting you!

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Abrazo, M