Escape the "should" trap.

Escape the "should" trap.

How to stop projecting power and let go of how people, things and situations "should be"

Meg Pagani
Welcome to Tools of Power – my new format focused on proven methods to regain energy, clarity and sense of agency.

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"Should" is one the biggest hack against our power and sense of agency.

Uncountable schools of practices, old and new, tell us the same thing: clarity and alignment are found in presence. We could practice presence in many ways – but we seems to unconsciously practice the opposite way more often.


“I should..."
"I should be _______ by now”
“I should have…”
"It should be..."

Fragmentation is the opposite of presence, and “should” is one of its core engines.

With every “should” we fragment ourselves. We take our energy and scatter it across people, things and situations – including the other versions of ourselves that (we think) we should be instead.

Think about any "should" that you tend to say or think: can you see that with each "should" we reject to be where we are, and we scatter ourselves somewhere else?

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