The Indigenous Time ~ lessons from the Forest.

The Indigenous Time ~ lessons from the Forest.

How to shift your belief that things happen if you "plan", "push" and "make sure that".

Meg Pagani
Welcome to Tools of Power – my new format focused on proven methods to regain power, clarity and sense of agency.

These are shorter, action-oriented posts: context + method + why it works.

Hope they serve you as much as they served me! ~M


In September 2022, I had the privilege of returning to the Amazon Rainforest to participate in and contribute to the IV Indigenous Ayahuasca Conference.

This gathering of 35 Indigenous Leaders from North, Central, and South America focused on discussing the use, transportation, spreading, and protection of plant medicine, ancestral healing practices, and indigenous wisdom. The week-long event hosted over 400 people, with only 10% being non-indigenous.

As a collaborator with the Yorenka Tasorentsi Institute, my role was to interview the leaders about how non-indigenous people can approach plant medicine and indigenous healing traditions in a respectful, honourable and regenerative way.

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