Yorenka Tasorentsi, Amazon Rainforest - Acre, Brazil. 2022


Everything is an invitation.

Hi, I'm Meg.

Since as long as I can remember my life has been about one thing: to dive into experiences that feel important to me, and emerge on the other side with insights and tools to share with others.

As the daughter of a theologian and psychologist, my dad, and of a end-of-life nurse and educator, my mum – I've always been drawn to the liminal spaces, the intersection between the visibile and the invisibile.

After a Fine Art degree at the Academy of Brera in Milano and 12 years of career as a volleyball player, I spent the last 10+ years living and travelling across 30+ countries exploring models of growth, impact and system change with local communities, public/private organisations and ancestral traditions.

I'm a Forbes 30under30 and Fortune 40under40 founder, a serial TEDx speaker, a leadership trainer and a private advisor. I directly collaborate with indigenous cultures, in particular with the Yorenka Tasorentsi Institute founded by the award-winning Ashaninka leader, shaman and activist Benki Piyako.

Living in contact with ancestral traditions gave me back a language I thought I had lost. I still care about and work in the field of impact and change-making, but through my experiences today I know that

when we say "it's wrong" what we mean is hurtful.

Translating the insights emerged from my own journey into healthier, more effective lenses on power, change and "wealth" became my life work, one that I continue to deepen, update and refine on a daily basis.

Thank you for being here! You can dive into my programs, talks and writing or, if you'd like to explore a collaboration, just reach out.