My leading principle: do it like nature.


I'm an Italian entrepreneur, speaker and impact strategist. But some of my clients call me Architect of the Invisible.

Over the last 10 years I have lived and traveled across 30+ countries, exploring models of growth, impact and transformation with local communities, diverse cultures and ancient traditions.

I'm a multi-awarded entrepreneur, a Forbes 30under30 and Fortune 40under40 founder and a serial TEDx speaker.

These days I:

  • teach about Power, Agency and Leadership of New Paradigms at the Politecnico of Milano and Bocconi University's executive programs
  • help investors, founders and executives get unstuck by aligning their power, agency and strategies with the principles of nature and inter-being

Most of my work is informed by what I call The Way of Nature, a language and concept that emerged from my practices with cognitive sciences and indigenous cultures – Β in particular, over the last year, with the Yorenka Tasorentsi Institute founded by the award-winning Ashaninka leader, shaman and activist Benki Piyako.

I see it as a set of lenses we can use  – mainly to remember that the invisible creates the visible, and that any meaningful work starts from the roots.

I publish most of my work here, or on LinkedIn.

A bit more about meβ€Œβ€Œ

I am the daughter of a theologian and psychologist, my dad, and of a psychomotor therapist and hospice nurse, my mum. My dad was also the Italian reference of the Silva Method – which means I grew up in a house hold where behaviour, cognitive sciences, philosophy and spirituality were our everyday lenses and language.

Growing up, I've always been drawn to activities that would bridge the visible and the invisible – art, music, writing and ancestral practices, which I was exposed to since a very young age. Tales like Star Wars never felt like just stories to me, and informed much of my interest in what gives people a sense of agency – and the fact that it doesn't matter how much power we have, but how we use it. And what for.

And I had the tendency to be pretty vocal about it.

For example – my family recently reminded me of the scandal I caused in primary school, when I insisted on doing my 5th-grade final project on the rights of Native Americans, the expropriation of their lands and the ancestral practice of the dreamcatcher. As a white, blond girl in a small Roman Catholic town in northern Italy.

Fast forward, after obtaining a Fine Arts degree at the Academy of Brera in Milan and a 12+ year career as a professional volleyball player, in 2014 I let my passion for behavioural change, social impact and technology take over – and I left Italy. The first startup I co-founded got selected for a governmental program in Chile, and that's how both my entrepreneurial journey and Latin American life started.

Becoming an entrepreneur was never my goal. It was and still is simply the by-product of my desire to be free to research, explore and create value for the things that feel important to me – even (and especially) when they don't match what seems to be important for other people.

I let my restlessness and discomfort inform me about what feels like mine to do, and I go for it to the best of my ability.

In 2016, after getting involved with the Refugee Crisis in Greece, I became passionate about how we can use technology and decentralised frameworks to enable proven projects to spread, get replicated and adapted by communities around the world. That's how Impacton.org was born, and how we supported projects to spread across 4 continents. I spoke about at my first TEDx in Milan, Italy.

Analysing thousands of projects made me realise that 90% of the so-called "for good" initiatives are (mostly unconsciously) perpetuating the same damage as the systems they want to change. This led me to a deep dive into the topics of Power and Purpose – Β and I'm still going down that rabbit hole today. I started to publish and teach about my findings, and that's how my leadership training were born. I also spoke about this at TEDx San Marino and TEDx Lisbon.

Thank you for being here.

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