How does nature use power?
Photo by Jorge "Coco" Zavala | Amazon Rainforest – Yorenka Tasorentsi (Acre, Brazil)

There are just two states we can be in: in or out of tune.

No state is permanent, but countless scientific studies are catching up with what ancient traditions have been saying and practicing for thousands of years: we are a vessel, an antenna with very complex functions and gifts – that is either in or out of tune with the role it's meant to play within the larger ecosystem.

We have many names for the out-of-tune states: confusion, burn-out, feeling scattered, experiencing conflicts, stuck or volatile situations, ... etc. We're taught to work in ways that incentivise these states – even in the change-making sector.

We're in tune when we know our story – and we embody it fully, aligning all aspects of our life, relationships and wealth with it.

That's when challenges acquire a different dimension: they reveal their power to create the conditions we need to rewrite the story of how something's done in the world. That's also when relationships regenerate, because we no longer fall into the traps of the story of power-over.

We aren't afraid of challenges. What we're most afraid of is to miss our chances to play our role, or unconsciously perpetuate the damage.

We we taught a story of power that works against us, and everyone.

I spent the last 10+ years living and travelling across ~30 countries, working at the intersection of entrepreneurship, impact investment and ancestral traditions.

Today I:

  • work 1:1 as a Private Advisor with investors, world-class activists and industry leaders
  • run group programs for founders, activists and for-impact professionals on mastering Power in the impact and climate change sector
  • collaborate with with the Yorenka Tasorentsi Institute founded by the indigenous Ashaninka leader, shaman and activist Benki Piyãko
  • teach about Power, Purpose and New Leadership at the Politecnico of Milano – at the Executive Program on Sustainability and Impact Leadership, and the Impact and Sustainable Finance program for Family Offices

Thank you for being here!

You can learn more about my background here – or, if you'd like to explore a collaboration, just reach out.

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