Lay down scripts that were never yours to carry

Lay down scripts that were never yours to carry

How to identify the real origins of your goals and release the ones that come from others (that keep getting you off track).

Meg Pagani


When we strive for goals that aren't ours, we hurt ourselves. Or others.

We are relational beings, hard-wired for belonging. So we spend the first decade(s) of our life unconsciously adopting behaviours, preferences and "scripts" of those around us. That will make us belong, and be safe – we think.

We take on scripts that were never ours to carry.

The result: we achieve things, go after ideas of success and keep aiming for goals that are compelling but that just never make us feel really fulfilled. A lot of damage is done in the world because we're unhappy but unable to break out of these loops.

To undo this, we need to look at the voices behind the goals that are currently running our show, and master the art of release. Let's see how.

The method

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