Trim branches without burning bridges

Trim branches without burning bridges

How to re-adjust your commitments and apply boundaries, without breaking relationships.

Meg Pagani
Welcome to Tools of Power – my new format focused on proven methods to regain power, clarity and sense of agency.

These are shorter, action-oriented posts: context + method + why it works.

Hope they serve you as much as they served me! ~M


We've all been there. We commit to projects that don't really resonate with us because we find them interesting or to support people or causes we love.

But by the time we realise those projects are not for us and they make us feel drained and depleted, we don't know how to get out of them without hurting people we care about. It's like we're holding things on our branches that are weighing us down – we know we have to do some trimming, but we don't want to burn bridges in the process.

So – here's what you can do.

The method

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